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Business Policies

Purpose and Goal:  Laura has always been one to be attentive to her work, providing a quality end product with TLC and attention to details and customer service.

To provide you with good customer service, with attention to detail in meeting your specifications.

Business hours: By appointment only


  • All fittings, mending, consults, orders, etc. are done based on an appointment set specifically for you.  Call or email to acquire an appointment to best fit your needs.
  • Arrive promptly, as this time is set specifically for you.
  • If you are coming in for a gown fitting, yet decide to bring more items for mending or alteration work, please call ahead to be sure I have the necessary time to complete the consult/fittings. 
  • If you decide you need more work after the initial work has been done, the balance due plus 50% of the new estimate will be required before any additional work will be done.  NOTE:  Rush orders must be paid in upfront, in full.  All additional work must also be paid up front in full.
  • Bulk mending & alteration work is accepted.  Please call or email your list of items so that I can plan accordingly for you.
  • If you need to cancel, please call as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours so that I can utilize that time more effectively to allow time for my other clients.
  • If you are running late, please call to be sure I donít have another client already scheduled.  Understand that if you show up late, you run the risk of having to reschedule with an added  $50 no show fee.
  • MISSED APPOINTMENTS will incur a $50 no show/no call fee and must be paid in cash.  Please be mindful, that your appointment was set specifically for you, where if you don't show then available billable time has been lost and another client was unable to be seen.
  • Be prepared to remove your outdoor shoes when arriving for fittings.  You may bring slippers or flip-flops, yet you will also need to bring your clean dress shoes for your fitting.  I can also hem to the floor if that is your preference, as many like to wear their jeans that length when home going barefoot.
  • Unless your child is coming in for a fitting, it is necessary that I request that no children come along for your appointment.  Infants are fine if they are in a car seat.  I love children, but it is important that I focus my attention on your fitting need vs. being distracted and worrying about what they might get into. 
  • ON-LINE ORDER Pick-up:  Once you have placed your order, I will email a confirmation at which time we can set up a time for pick-up. If you have a preferred time, please note it in the comments section of your order.
  • ON-LINE PRODUCTS:  See my products page


  • NOTE:  There is a $40 charge for returned, bounced checks.  If your check bounces, you will be required to submit a replacement payment via USPS money order, which is to include the $40 charge

  • Cash or personal checks (made payable to (Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties)

  • On line orders may make payment through their banks bill pay program, but payment must arrive prior to work being started, or in the case of an online purchase, before shipment is made.

  • Rush Orders are to be paid in cash and in full at time of drop-off of order placement.

  • All alterations/custom sewing services (excludes rush work) will be required to pay up front for all orders that are $50 or less.  All orders over this amount are required to pay 50% of their order upfront, with the balance due at time of pick-up.

  • HOLIDAYS (from Nov 1st - Dec 31st) ALL alteration work must be paid in full at time of drop-off, due to the rise in missed appointments due to busy work and social activities, causing clients to forget their appointments.  Reminder:  You run the risk of having a no-show/no call fee added to your work, as the time you don't show, causes me to lose valuable billable hours.

Other Policies:

  • I reserve the right to decline work that arrives dirty or smelling of odors such as smoke, wet dog, etc.  We have allergies in our home, and request your consideration.  
  • All vintage clothing should be dry-cleaned prior to your arrival, most especially bridal gowns, as the cleaning process can change colors, require additional mending work, etc.
  • All clothing and/or materials are required to be pre-washed before I work with them.  The customer understands that if their garment and/or materials are not pre-washed, they could incur shrinkage later and understand that I will not be held liable for any fit changes after you pick up your garments/items.
  • If you choose to have me pre-wash your garment, there will be a minimum $50 charge.
  • All custom garment and alteration work will require that the client try their items on before leaving.  If you choose to not try your items on, you will be required to sign a waiver.
  • If you require no further alterations, and have no further questions or concerns, it can only be assumed that you are happy with the work that has been done.  At this point you will be asked to sign a form stating your satisfaction.
  • Resizing a dress larger:  Some have requested I make a dress larger by providing material or with another dress made with the same fabric.  This can be done and I have had great success, but there is a $50 non-refundable cash consult fee to discuss options and possibilities.  If I determine that it can be done with the available materials there will be an additional $250.00 non-refundable deposit.  Payment for labor and material costs incurred, will be required at each fitting.  The customer understands that there is no guarantee that the dress will fit the way it was originally intended to fit.  There is no easy way to estimate this type of project, so in doing so, it is understood that you will be charged the going hourly shop rate for your request.
  • Resizing a Garment that is too smallThere is NO GUARANTEE a dress will stay together if you request that I let it out beyond its recommended 5/8" seam allowance.  Laura will NOT be accountable for the garment fit.  If Laura sees that the garment cannot tolerate this type of alteration, she will not take the project on.  There will be NO refund of deposit or consult fee!  If you insist that I do this service, and I take this service on, you will pay an upfront $250 non-refundable deposit, and payment at each fitting for labor time incurred, at each step of the way.  You will have to sign a waiver, accepting any structure issues prior to the work being done as well as at the time of your final fitting.  
  • RUSH WORK:  Depending on my schedule and time frame in which you need your garment, home decor, or other custom request, there is a 20% rush fee (min. $50), with full estimate to be paid in full prior to the start of your sewing project.  I can only provide this service when there is available/flexible time to provide this service.
  • PICK-UP of Alterations and Custom Seamstress Work:  ALL work MUST be picked up within two weeks of the time that I have notified you that your order is completed.  All orders that are left beyond the two week time frame will incur a 10% (min $5.00) storage fee per week.  I am not set up to store garments for long lengths of time.  If you have not picked up your item(s)  within 30 days of being notified that your order is ready for pick-up, you run the risk of my disposing of it as I see fit.


  • Cancellation of consultation services,
  • Cancellation of alteration work that I have spent time with you fitting, yet has not started forfeits 25% of your total estimate plus fitting and consult fees.
  • Custom Order Cancellations Ė No refund of payments made!  No return of materials, etc if all expenses to date are not paid in full along with shipping costs (if applicable)
  • Online Order Returns - only accepted when the item is not what was ordered.  The item MUST be returned in the SAME condition it was sent in, must be returned clean and not smelling like cigarettes or other offensive odors, torn or damaged.  This will create a situation where the product cannot be re-sold.  Please know that there is a 2nd inspection prior to any order being shipped.   Please know that returns will not be allowed for ordering wrong sizes or the color not matching what your screen shows online.
  • Upon canceling an on-line order that has not yet shipped, there will be a 20% cancellation fee, with a minimum of $25.00.  

Delivery Dates

  • Military:   I prefer at least two weeks, but understand that you sometimes need it sooner.  Please allow at least one week.  If you need your work done sooner, please know that you could incur rush fees.  NOTE:  I do not supply any patches.
  • RUSH Work:  Where you need something during a time where I am completely booked, you will incur Rush fees to be paid up front, in full. I can only provide this service when there is available/flexible time to provide this service.
  • Custom Orders:  Every effort is made to meet our agreed deadline.  Generally custom orders have turn-around times of 6-12 weeks, sometimes more depending on my current schedule.  NOTE:  The miniature gown replica's can range from 12 - 24 weeks.  If you make changes, do not respond to emails within a reasonable time, make timely payments, etc., your estimated completion date could be delayed.
  • Online custom orders: with the above statement, your shipment date could also be delayed.
  • On-Line Orders:  
    • Local customers are welcome to pick up their orders in person with a scheduled appointment.
    •  Once payment is received and processed your order will be shipped.
    • You will receive tracking information through the USPS.
    • I ship insured priority mail.  Although they share delivery will be made within 2-3 days, there is no guarantee.  During the holidays, I have had packages arrive after a week.  So please plan accordingly.
    • If you want your package shipped faster, you will incur higher shipping costs. 

Upon Delivery

  • Please open your delivery and check it thoroughly upon arrival, before removing any tags or packaging.  If there is any problem, please contact me by email within one (1) business day. Contact should be made by the purchaser only.
  • Alterations, on-line orders, & custom work for local customers will be required to pick up in person and approve the work before their order leaves the shop.

Custom Sewing Inquiries

  • Currently not accepting custom orders.  
  • I get many inquiries for custom work.  It is necessary for you to fill out the Custom Order Inquiry Form provided in order for me to understand specifically what you are looking for.  The first step will be for me to determine if I can do the work as well as in the time frame that you provided.  There is no cost to make this determination.  If it is something that will work within my schedule and capabilities, I will require a consult fee to be paid in full prior to taking the time to put your estimate together for you.  No estimates for custom work can be provided over the phone.  Feel free to call to be sure I have received your request.



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