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To provide a personal, quality based resource for home sewers to the experienced seamstress looking to start and run a successful home based business. 

  • Web-site:  A resource
  • Blog: tips, tricks, and thoughts
  • Home Sewn Shopping Page:  Inventory Source that allows for easy shopping of remaining items in inventory to be sold:  doll clothing, accessories, baby items, sewing notions, books, patterns, etc., 
  • Paid Consultations - Home sewers:  Personalized time to answer questions & guide you through your project.
  • Paid Consultations - Small based business:  Personalized time to answer questions, provide resources and tips on how to set-up, promote, etc., in addition to maintaining a budget that allows you to make money.

Will Laura return from retirement and sew for profit again?  It is possible!!  Her passion is custom Heirloom work, where she has specialized in miniature replica's and Christening gowns, using vintage & antique sources.

About Laura and Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties:  

Laura has recently retired (Dec2012) from providing alterations and custom sewing after thirteen years of service to her community and across the United States, as well as some clients in the UK.  During the course of 2012, Laura dealt with some hip, back and shoulder pain that needed surgical attention as it was making her job more difficult to sit, stand and bend, which was a physical requirement for the work she did with fittings, working with heavy gowns, sitting at the machines, etc.  as often as she did with all the alteration work.  Two surgeries are now out of the way and Laura is recovering quite well and has regained a great deal of her energy back.

Although Laura enjoys sewing, and developed many great relationships with many of her clients, she has decided to take some time to heal and enjoy some creative sewing for herself, home and family.  Also during this time, Laura is spending time on one of her other passions of writing.  She maintains a few different blogs (Seams To Me, Reflective Tapestry of Life, Frugal Value Lifestyle, and freelances for her local paper and is in the process of completing a memoir, along with a few other books.   

Laura plans to also work on some heirloom type projects that she will share here in this web-site along with her blog.  In addition, she has had a long time desire to learn the skills to make beautiful smocked clothing.  Eventually, Laura would like to return from retirement in order to provide both heirloom smocked sewing services.

A little more about laura &  Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties:

Many people confuse Laura's name as Davina Dawn, when in fact the business name was derived from both her and her husband's name.  Davina is the feminine version of David  and Dawn is Laura's middle name.  Their oldest daughter Heather shares her mom's middle name of Dawn, and their 2nd daughter Holly shares the feminine version of her father's name of Davina as her middle name.  Laura and her husband spoke often of how they loved the combined name of Davina Dawn, after naming their  daughters, and held it as a special name to be used in the future.   The name means "Beloved Morning", and although their third daughter Jennifer does not have her name incorporated into the business name, they always remember that beautiful, beloved Sunday morning in which she entered this world.

Laura has been sewing for over 38 years, making clothing for herself and family, home decorations including curtains, drapes, table and bed linens, doll clothing, simple quilts, alterations, etc.  She started sewing when she was 14 years old making some simple outfits and dresses and mending her own clothing.  In addition to the sewing she was required to do in sewing classes, she also learned a variety of tips and tricks from her mother and grandmother, who were both extremely talented seamstresses.

As Laura prepared to get married, she made her own wedding dress.  Soon after, she continued to make curtains, home linens, maternity clothes, work dresses, Christening gowns, as well as many intricate infant/toddler dresses and outfits, and gifts for family and friends.  Her experience only expanded as her husband and daughters required clothing to be mended or altered, including custom dresses when the girls were younger, as well as prom gowns and bridal wear.  She has even tackled re-upholstery work, but never found it to be as fulfilling as some of the other work she has done.

In addition Laura taught her daughters to sew while they were home-schooled.  With their lessons, she made sure that they had the opportunity to learn how to sew, from basic hand stitching to using the sewing machine, as well as how to shop for quality garments and fabrics.

Laura's sewing business started after becoming a stay-at-home mom while home-schooling her daughters.  Soon after, her middle daughter started requesting a variety of doll clothing which Laura enjoyed making.  Family and friends were impressed with the work and started to request custom made clothing for their own children's dolls.  With the encouragement and request of family and friends, Laura started making doll clothing for the popular play dolls for the web-site she created, while also providing inventory to a local doll shop.  This is where the doll clothing portion of her business quickly expanded to custom doll clothing for those looking for replica clothing for their vintage dolls. miniature bridal gown replica's or replica's representing historical family members.  Laura acquired a large doll collection for the many sizes she created fashions for. 

Early on the request came for miniature wedding dress replica's, which became a popular request. The miniature wedding dress replica's, along with any other special doll clothing orders, are made using photo's provided by the customer. Personal attention is given to the details that each dress or outfit requires.  Generally Laura had to create patterns, which had to be drafted as most custom orders are unique to the individual requests that came in. 

Laura's sewing business grew rapidly over the next few years, which continued to include custom doll clothing, miniature wedding dress replica's, as well as providing other online products.  In addition her calendar quickly filled for the vast variety of alteration work and custom sewing services.  Included in these services, Laura would take one's bridal gown (or even a mom's or grandmother's gown) and transform it into an heirloom Christening gown, quilt, or other requested item.  In addition, Laura created custom gowns for flower girls, little shirts for boys to match the men in bridal parties, baptisms, and communions, as well as beautiful infant dresses.  Her services were limitless.  

About eight years into her business, she started serving our military men and woman with patch placement and some uniform alteration work.  Although it was a paid service, she really enjoyed serving these men and women in a way where they could depend on the work that they were receiving.  She found that all the men and women she served were very respectful and appreciative of her time, even when they needed something the next day.  

The products provided through Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties (Now through the HOME SEWN SHOPPING site) range from doll clothing, infant items, baby/infant blankets, Christmas and misc. items, were all personally hand-sewn by Laura (unless otherwise noted on the product description), with attention to detail and quality workmanship.  One cannot compare custom work or independently sewn items to what you might find at your local department stores, so you will not find that she was competitive in price, but the comparison prepared you for a quality product.

When time allowed and donations received, Laura provided a service to her local hospital, making Kanga Shirts for the moms of preemie babies.  These were made and given to the moms with no obligation on their part to pay or return. 

 During this time of R&R, Laura is working on another project, making infant burial gowns for parents who might lose their children at birth.  She will be up-cycling bridal and other formal gowns to be used for this service then donating them to the local hospitals.  She has a few gowns on hand to start this project and looks forward to sharing her gift of sewing and love for children, to the families in need of this service.  Her theory is that a parent never plans on this type of loss, and although extremely painful, it is a time in which the parents need someone to reach out and provide a whisper of hope.

Prior to her seamstress business, Laura was an accountant for 16 years, specializing in cost accounting, followed by financial accounting.  She worked in both the manufacturing spectrum as well as the health care field as an accountant and six years in management.  After being home for ten years, Laura ventured into the medical field as an LNA and also trained as a CST (Certified Surgical Technologist).  As Laura spends time writing, she seeks to return to the medical field utilizing her business skills, and if the opportunity showed itself, she would like to venture into what she is most passionate about, either women's or pediatric health with a preference to work in an area that included naturopathic health.

Laura's many interests include spending time with her husband and daughters, flute playing, hiking, camping, walking, canoeing, reading, sewing and many other crafts, gardening, listening to classical, Christian, Celtic and country music, deep sea fishing or spending time on the coast or in the mountains.  She finds it very peaceful being in nature with her favorite being on the ocean.

Family news:  

  • Their oldest daughter Heather married New Years Eve 2009, graduated in 2008, Magnum Cum Laude in Music & Sound Recording, from UNH of CT.  She recently received her Masters in Special Needs Education and is currently working with those transitioning from the high school level into the work force.
  • Their second daughter Holly graduated 2010, majoring in Photography and has started her own photography business (, where she specializes in children, family, animal photography.  In addition she works full time as a district manager at their local newspaper.  
  • Their youngest daughter Jennifer is in her Sophomore year of college, majoring in Pyschology.  Her goal is to focus on young children and teens, giving them a voice to overcome the obstacles in life and being able to have confidence in who they are as contributing members of our society.

a note from laura:

I would like to thank all my past clients.  You each inspired me, gave me a smile, provided me with many beautiful memories of laughter, joy and hope.  I loved every stitch I stitched, and will continue to do so as I still have a strong passion for fabric and making something one cannot find in the retail market.  

Feel free to continue to connect, check in to see if I am back to providing services, or simply to simply say "hello"

I learned, I laughed, but most of all, I gained some very fond memories that you were each a part of.  Thank you for being a part of my life!! 

Stay in touch

~Putting Thread to Fabric ~



Laura and her husband David - Picture taken Aug 2012

"For judgment is without mercy to the one who has shown no mercy.  

Mercy triumphs over judgment."  

~ James 2:13 ~

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