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Dolly Diapers

I've had a few requests to bring back the dolly diapers that I once made for one's dolls.  The little girls just love these diapers as they are so fun and easy to use.  Mom's love them because of the variety of fabrics, made with velcro (no buttons, snaps, etc.) and are easy to wash.

Great gift for a little girl who's mom is expecting a new addition to their family.

Size Small - dolly size around 10-14" height

Fits many small size dolly's

Size Medium - dolly size around 14-18" height

Fits the American Girl and Magic Attic Baby Dolls

Size Large - dolly size around 18-22" height

Even fits the large Cabbage Patch dolls

Scroll Down to see what is available to purchase (please note $10 min order)

All diapers that are currently available are made with two layers of flannel, so no seams are seen, elastic around the back of the waist and leg area to form a nice dolly fit, and velcro closure.  I'm not a fan of velcro, but most dolls that wear diapers do not have synthetic hair, so the chance of them getting caught and ruining the hair style is not there.

Small Dolly Diapers

$5.50 each

  Medium Dolly Diapers

$6.50 each

  Large Dolly Diapers

$7.50 each

Sm Valentine Blue

2 avail - Buy Now


Med Pink Soccer

1 avail - Buy Now


Lg Diamond Stripe

1 avail - Buy Now

Sm Transportation

1 avail - Buy Now


Md Diamond Stripe

1 avail - Buy Now


Lg Easter Blue

1 avail - Buy Now

Sm Pink Soccer

1 avail - Buy Now


Md Blue Sport

2 avail - Buy Now


Lg Valentine Blue

2 avail - Buy Now

Sm Soft Pink

1 avail - Buy Now


Md Baseball

1 avail - Buy Now


Sm Soft Floral

1 avail - Buy Now


Md Baby Toys

1 avail - Buy Now


Sm Diamond Stripe

1 avail - Buy Now


Sm Baseball

1 avail - Buy Now


Sm Baby Needs

2 avail - Buy Now


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