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Antique Doll Fashion Replica's

NOTE:  Antique Doll Fashions are much more expensive than most doll clothing, as there is much more involved in the replica.  These clothes are designed for the serious doll collector.

1863 Watering Place French Fashion Dress and Undergarments

This complete outfit was designed for the Just Alice doll, created by Alice Leverett Originals

Unfortunately, my client passed away when the custom outfit was completed, and the family did not want to follow through with paying for the work that was done in completing this outfit for her custom made doll.   To appreciate the details of the outfit, I did decide to use my Marley Wentworth doll, which has similar measurements of the doll she had ordered, as my model for displaying my work.

One thing my client wanted was a miniature replica with attention to every little detail.  This meant that their was pin tucks, over-casting seams, flat-fell seams, French seams and more.  The undergarments include growth pleats.  You will also see, in the following pictures, how the lining of the jacket and skirt were meticulously created and included as part of the outfit.  

Typically the bloomers would be on the doll, underneath the skirt slip, adding more fullness to the fashion.


The undergarments were made with a light-weight cotton, with elegant small lace.  The pleating and lace on the undergarments are what provide the elegant character that this era enjoyed.

The sleeves and pointed fuchu are trimmed to match the skirt.

Material used on the two piece dress is a black and pale tan stripe taffeta, using a black lace satin ribbon, providing a lovely resemblance of the era.

As with the majoring of my doll clothing, absolutely no velcro was used.  The smallest scale snaps were used for all closures. 

This dress is up for sale.  Because it was created as an outfit, and this era demanded specific underclothing to support the dress fashion of the 1860's, it will need to be sold as a set.  I will not be able to sell pieces separately.

Price: $600     (see below for the doll measurements)         Buy Now

Basic Doll Measurements (snaps can be moved if necessary)

Height 12"
Height of body only 10"
Shoulders 3"
Chest 6"
Waist 4 3/8"
Hips 6 3/8"
Back Waist Length 2 5/8"
Arm Length 3 7/8"
Hand Span 3/4"



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