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Did you know:  Sometimes the full zipper does not need to be replaced.  If the teeth are in good working order, sometimes all that you will need is a new zipper pull, or possibly a repair to the zipper itself.  So please save your zipper pull if it falls off.

If there are any teeth missing, or the pin is pulled away, you will definitely need to replace the full zipper. 

NOTE:  Currently not accepting any zipper replacement/repair work.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Earl's daughter will be thrilled to have her "The North Face" jacket returned and ready to wear!! Earl's daughter's jacket - zipper pull replacement Earl's daughter's jacket - zipper pull replacement
Earl's daughter's jacket also needed the pocket zippers repaired - zipper pull fell off Earl's daughter's jackets - zipper pull replaced and in working order The completed job.  Replaced zipper pulls on front of the jacket as well as pockets.

Mary needed the zipper on her Exeter Hospital Paramedic Jacket replaced - here she is quite pleased with a working zipper!

The finished repair A close-up of the replacement zipper installed
Replaced Corduroy zipper - all installed Replaced Corduroy zipper - working well Replaced Corduroy zipper completed
Zipper Repair Close-up Zipper Repair Zipper Repair
Close-up of zipper repair Replaced zipper in Polaris Ski Jacket Close-up Replaced Zipper
Laura working on the zipper replacement - lining Laura working on the zipper replacement Zipper Replacement showing bottom Jacket pull

This Calvin Klein jacket came to me one year after it was purchased.  Unfortunately some jackets have very light weight zippers put in in order to keep manufacturing costs down, which creates the need for the consumer to decide whether to toss the jacket and purchase new, or to replace with a better zipper.  Although the cost to replace a zipper can be expensive, Andy chose to replace the zipper with a quality one, along with it having pulls on both ends, to make it a jacket his wife could continue to wear.

After the alteration was picked up, Andy brought it home to Nashua, where later I received an email from his wife sharing her delight on how nicely it worked.  Her favorite part was being able to unzip the jacket when driving in the car.

Zipper Replacement showing top jacket pull A beautiful ski jacket with longer life!!  
Fleece Jacket getting new life w/a metal zipper replacement Fleece Jacket showing a close-up at bottom, showing the line-up at the pocket. Fleece Jacket showing a close-up at the top.
James S. - Leather Jacket - Zipper Replacement James S. - Leather Jacket - Zipper Replacement AFTER - lined barn jacket zipper replaced
Kitty pleased she can now wear her faux fur jacket zipped Kitty - faux fur jacket zipper replaced - Close-up Ski Jacket full zipper replacement showing sport stripe across the front lining  up.
Zipper pull replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the full zipper.  Customer was thrilled to have saved $ Zipper pulling away once the jacket was zipped Only needed to replace the zipper pull making it worth keeping the coat.

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