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(Pictures below showing work)

In appreciation for your service to our country, I do not charge for the time it takes to fit you for your uniform alterations.  I do charge my normal rates for the actual alteration.  I do request that you try to give me at least a week when possible.  Thank you for the service you provide to our country.  Rush fees do apply if you need something in the same day or within 24-48 hrs where I have to stop my current days workload.

Although I have some specs on uniform placement of patches, braids, etc., please provide any instructions necessary to be certain placement is done appropriately.  Please be sure to have your footwear with you, when you come for your fittings, for all pants needing hems done.  Thank you!

Rubin - Duffle Bag w/patches from USAF guard duty service.  This is a large duffle bag that they use frequently when going to guard duty.

1st side - more room for more patches :-) Air Force Name Tape, the 191 Air Refueling Squadron, Utah Ang, and the Air National Guard New England CEREP

Both Capt & Major Rubin serve as RN's in the USAF Guard.  In their service they have been required to help other units prepare first aid packs, so that in the event of a national emergency, the trucks are ready to roll with everything organized more effeciently.

2nd side - there's still a little room left to add more Nevada, Air National Guard Fire Dept, and the Fire Protection ANG Rubin Name Tape, 176 Fighter Squadron, Badger Air Militia and the 151st Air Refueling Wing
Major D Rubin - Rank replacement Major D Rubin, Rank replacement & service badge Major D Rubin - Rank replacement on summer hat

Gosselin - Service Stripes, Rank,  Gosselin - Close-up Gosselin - Close-up
Schwabb - Button Placement Small - Navy Rating Badge on sleeve Small - Service Bars 2" from hem
Small - Navy Rating Badge on sleeve Small - Navy Rating/Service Bars Small - Navy Rating/Service Bars
Roman - Coast Guard Roman - Coast Guard Rank Patch Roman - Coast Guard Pocket Patch
Name Tape above pocket Dean -  Dean - 
Ken shipped his new/used jacket he purchased online and had me use his patch from his older jacket, where I applied it to this one so that he could continue to wear it proudly.



Officer Hughes Highes - New Hampshire National Guard D Rubin - AF National Guard Rank - Cap
Pelton - Air Force Rank Pelton - Applied new Air Force Rank patches Small - Navy - Collar Rank
Small - Navy - Collar Rank Small - Navy - Cap & Collar Rank Small - Navy - Cap Rank
Roman - Coast Guard - Collar Rank Roman - Coast Guard - Cap Rank Roman - Coast Guard - Rain Jacket
Dean - Dean - Close-up Dean - 
Thomas - removed tapes himself & left a tear Thomas - Repaired tear before adding new tape Thomas - Name Tape applied
Thomas - Service tape Thomas -  Thomas - all set to go!
Kinsella - Center Rank, Tapes, Wing & CIB Kinsella - Close-up of tape over soft Velcro piece, and Wing & CIB patches Kinsella - close-up of center rank patch over older velcro piece which is no longer to be used
Ray - Civil Air Patrol - Pant Hem - Back/Heel Ray - Civil Air Patrol - Pant Hem - Side Ray - Civil Air Patrol - Pant Hem - Front
R Rubin - New Captain Bars on Collar - AF R Rubin - New Captain Bars - AF R Rubin - Tape above pocket & Medical patch
R Rubin - Name tape above right pocket - AF R Rubin - Close-up of Captain bars on cap R Rubin - Patch placements done
Carbonneau - Army - Wing patch above Velcro Army Tape Mynczywor - USAF - Master Sargeant       Applied new Chevrons for 4 BDU shirts  
VanGuard Marlow White Military Pins and Patches Military Clothing . com Medals of America


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