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2012 - Customer requested that I take sleeves up 3" so he would not have to cuff them any longer.

Acrombie Jacket sleeves shorten A satisfied customer Close-up of sleeve work Close-up of cuff/sleeve work
Added shirt collar buttons Added shirt collar buttons Take hem  up 3" Take hem up 3"

Nothing better than making a favorite shirt last longer since the only area worn was the collar.

AFTER collar turned AFTER collar turned Adjust Bodice darts to provide a more feminine fit Take in sides to prevent the excess under the arms.
BEFORE collar turned BEFORE collar turned AFTER collar turned Lengthen Suit jacket sleeves
BEFORE - Fitted waistband Removed fitted waistband, added casing & inserted elastic AFTER - new elastic wasitband AFTER - a more comfortable fit
Hems on sleeves & lined slacks Hems on sleeves & lined slacks Shorten jacket sleeve hem Shorten purchased drape hems

Occasionally I get what I call "Basket Lots" where the client has gone through their closet and has decided to repair favorite pieces instead of tossing and buying new.

The net result is that the garments are mended with buttons, trims, seam repairs, etc., and others fitted to their figure shape and height, allowing the client an opportunity to wear clothing that they loved but wouldn't wear anymore because they didn't like how they fit..

Stephanie was a sheer delight to work with

  Took in the felled seam sides of this shirt to give it a feminine shape.   Once the side seams were taken in, Bethany's waist line become more noticeable.  Just what she wanted. To keep the bodice from easily opening, I tacked it down to prevent future worry
Bethany, in memory of a loved one, wanted to wear this sweater... ....the sides were taken in to take away the original bulk style. Lace trim was tattered and falling off a favorite tank top.  Replaced it was a simple trim to cover the frayed fabric edges,  In addition to fixing the tank top, the capri hem was shorten to flatter her frame.
Shortened slit sided capri's Added extra fabric to lengthen top Altered Harley top w/altered overalls to jeans Two items altered into a great outfit!

About where her watch is where the trim is.

This blouse had a small hole in the fabric at the top of her jean waistline Repaired the hole then covered it with a nice lace trim that went around the blouse Tacked the overlay front to keep in place Tacked overlay trimmed bodice in place to keep from opening

Stephanie loved the overalls but desired to remove the younger look, making the decision to transform them into jeans.  

Stephanie had a few more minor items that were mended.  Items that needed buttons or other small fixes.

I think my favorite piece of this job was the overall transformation to jeans.

I find that my clients have great ideas, they just need me to make it happen for them.



BEFORE - Harley Overalls to be made into comfy jeans AFTER - Harley jeans made to fit!!      See above pic w/halter top   Stitching let go on knit blouse repaired

Oh my goodness!!

Allow your dog to enjoy your comforter and this is what you get ----->

This comforter arrived with the batting really worn and falling out.  In order to repair it, I had to remove all the old batting and replace it with new.  In order to do this and make the batting blend in with the other remaining good portions, I had to hand stitch the new to the old.  Once that was completed, the comforter was re-stitched in place making the comforter look nice again.

The decision now is whether to let the dog have the comforter again.  But dog owners love their dogs!  I'm just hoping the dog hasn't decided to tear it apart again.

  Before the work begins Before /After A nice looking comforter
Before - fabric tearing away from zipper area After - repaired fabric so zipper functions Rip BEFORE Rip Repair - AFTER
BEFORE - Long sleeve jacket to ---> AFTER:  Short sleeve jacket Bird Vest Repairs - replaced snaps Bird Vest Repairs - replaced velcro
Angela - relined suit jacket Angela - relined suit jacket Bird Vest Repairs - add locking zippers both sides of vest to hold pocket in place once birds are added in.
Angela - relined suit jacket - showing inside lining pockets for phone storage Angela - relined suit jacket with pocket within lining for cell phone storage Angela - added inside coat pockets to lining Angela - inner coat pockets for her cell

NOTE:  Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties did NOT create this logo or do the embroidery work.  Just the actual sewing of the embroidered fabric was done.

Applied embroidered logo to back of photography vest Close-up of application    

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