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All garments must arrive clean and smoke-free or work will be denied.


NOTE:  My prices should be considered a guideline/estimate since some prices may vary, and without seeing/knowing what I am actually going to be working on, an exact estimate is difficult to determine.  In some cases, there could be more work involved that is not seen upon the initial viewing of your garment.  I'm most certain you will be pleased with the professional and quality work and service that you will receive.

In order to provide you an estimate of costs for your alteration, you will need to make an appointment.  Some items only need to be dropped off, as it is only a tear, zipper replacement, etc.  For "some" articles of clothing there is a fitting fee that must be paid up front in cash.  Formal and Bridal items have a fitting fee due to the work that is involved.  Large "lots" of garment alterations will also incur fitting fees due to the time of fitting.

Many of my clients have found quality garments at a great sales price, have heirloom garments, or have lost weight and would like to have their garment custom fit, re-sized or re-designed into something new and different for sentimental reasons.

Most garment alterations are completed within two weeks (sometimes less), depending on the season.  Rush orders are  often accepted.  Unfortunately, if you need your item faster than my schedule allows, there will be an added rush fee as I will have to adjust my current sewing schedule.  Occasionally I can provide a 1 day turn around, but not always.  Thank you for understanding.

If you have a variety of items to be mended, this is a service I also provide.  Please plan on providing an upfront deposit to start, as well as provide notions, such as buttons, etc, for the  items that you know will need them.  All costs for notions that you are not able to supply will be added to your bill.  Turn-around for large/bulk orders is dependent upon current workload, which could result in a 2 - 6 wk turnaround. 

All clothing and other articles needing sewing services MUST arrive clean and smoke-free.  If you have pet hair on your garments, please have this cleaned  with a lint-roller prior to your alteration, as the pet hair gets into the machines.  There is a minimum $50 fee for washing and/or lint-rolling.

Please be sure to have all new garments pre-washed prior to alterations to remove shrinkage.

I will decline work I do not feel comfortable altering, or know I won't meet a particular deadline.


  • Have your new garments pre-washed prior to your alteration.
  • Have your hem already pinned or marked - saves fitting costs if you have a lot.
  • Have all garments clean to avoid my needing to clean or lint-roll.
  • Avoid rush fees...provide plenty of time for your alteration

NOTE:  Sometimes inquiries for mending/alterations are received from across the country.  Internet inquiries will be considered based on client need and my current sewing schedule.  All internet orders will be required to provide a 50-100% upfront deposit to cover the initial labor expenses.


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